Microblading Healing Process for Eyebrows

Brows are slightly tender after treatment, you will notice they are slightly red, swollen and darker. Don’t worry as this is not the true colour. Apply given ointment daily for 10 days.

DAYS 2-4
Eyebrows are noticeably darker than previous day. This is normal as your body is trying to push pigment out and it oxides. Expect itchiness as your brows are healing. You can still socialize and go to work.

DAYS 5-10
You’ll notice your eyebrows will begin to flake gently. The colour underneath is a lot lighter than what you had previous days. Allow your brows to naturally flake off and avoid picking the area. After the dark colour flakes off, apply sunscreen when you go out to protect eyebrows.

At Week 6
The eyebrows are completely healed. Come back for your complimentary consultation and touch-up appointment (if necessary).

**Individual Results will vary**