Microblading Treatment Referral Program

Earn large commissions for your salon, spa, medical practice or related business with Diva Brows microblade treatment referrals.

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Our Referral Program

Microblading treatment is an ideal service to promote and provide referrals with your existing clients. We regularly get referrals from medical practices, cosmetic surgery centers, salons, health spas, fitness centers and many other businesses that involve physical appearance. It is a great treatment to recommend to your clients to enhance the services that you already provide.

Our program provides a flat-rate referral program that is paid out immediately after the referral completes and pays for their treatment in full. You may opt for electronic payment, or by check, whichever is more convenient for you. We also provide extra referral bonuses and additional perks with large volumes of referrals for Diva Brows microblading treatments.

We’ll provide you with all of the appropriate Diva Brows microblading web graphics, ads and banners for encouraging referral sales through your existing website and social media channels. We even include pre-written Microblading email templates to send to your existing clients, encouraging to make their appointment online with your own unique and exclusive promo code.

Referrals and commissions are electronically tracked and securely available to you via our affiliate portal, available online 24/7.